Khamis, 12 November 2009

the golden words

WheN u Says Its ImpoSsibLe..
Allah SayS All ThingS ArE PosSiblE..
WheN u Says I CanT MaNaGe..
Allah SayS I WiL SuPpLy All Ur NeEds..
WheN u Says I CanT Go On..
Allah SayS My GrAcE Is SuFfIciEnT..
WheN u Says I CanT FiGuRe ThinGs OuT..
Allah SayS I WiL DireCt Ur StepS..
WheN u Says I CanT Do It..
Allah SayS U CaN Do All ThinGs..
WheN u Says Im NoT AbLe..
Allah SayS Im AbLe..
WheN u Says Im AfRaiD..
Allah SayS I HavE NoT GivEn u A SpiRiT oF FeaR..
WheN u Says Im OweZ woRieD n FruStaTed..
Allah SayS CaSt All Ur CarEs On Me..
When U SayS I CanT 4GiV MySelF..
Allah SayS I 4GiV u...
WheN u SayS NoBodY ReallY LovEs me..
Allah SayS I LUV u..
WheN u SayS I DonT Hav EnouGh FaiTh..
Allah SayS I hAv GiveN EvRy1 A meAsuRE of FAITH...

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